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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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along the gulf this morning, the region tries to clean up what isaac left behind as remnants of the storm start to creep our way. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm erica in for richard dorden. welcome to "news4 today." can you believe it is september 1st already? >> already lost our summer. >> i know. which means cooler temperatures. starting to feel more like it. >> we might get a bright start to the our holiday weekend. let's check in with chuck for more. >> hey there, good morning to both of you and a good saturday morning. welcome to your labor day weekend after a blazing hot summer. we are now officially entering
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meteorological, and little consolation, yesterday, we made 97 degrees. i think many spots will be above 90 again later today. there are rain drops first thing this morning well off to the west of the area. especially west of interstate 81 now. rain drops in far western maryland and rumbles of thunder in the mountains of west virginia. worth keeping an eye on. most of this is going to dry up as it comes east of the mountains, but that being said, do expect an abundance of cloud cover for your saturday. showers chances strongest out to the west through the course of the day. a scattered showers cannot be completely ruled out. toasty warm. today well up into the upper 80s to low 90s, then for tomorrow, ooh, as the weekend goes along, unfortunately clouds thicken and rain chances increase for tomorrow and increase further as we head towards lor day monday itself. talk more about that.
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the whole weekend won't be a total loss, but, ooh, a little sunshine challenged for you. talk more about it um canning up. >> thank you, chuck. new this morning, a u.s. drone strike killed at least five rebels in pakistan. the attack was aimed at a militant compound near the border of afghanistan. intelligence officials confirmed the drones fired at least seven missiles as a vehicle and house. the area is widely regarded as a stronghold of taliban and al qaeda operatives. police are not ruling out foul play as the cause of death after a man fell out of a third story window. ibrahim louisa found unconscious in the southeast. initially police thought someone attacked hill. the video evidence and witness accounts point to a three-story fall as the reason for his death. police are trying to determine if it was an accident or if he may have been forced from the window. this morning, the gulf coast works to pick up the pieces after hurricane isaac. the storm is responsible for at
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least seven deaths so far. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power throughout louisiana, mississippi and arkansas, and in new orleans, 71% of homes were still in the dark as of friday night. emergency officials lifted curfews that were in place for the storm and despite the devastation, many people are trying to be optimistic about things. >> i know a lot of people, this is devastating. people have been through it a few times. we just -- you clean up and you move on. >> neighboring states are in the state to repair power outages. some have been working for days. no word when electricity will be back on. emergency officials are keeping a close eye on a dam in southern mississippi. four pumps are working around the clock to remove water from a lake there. isaac weakened the dam destroying two parts of it with mudslides. crews created an emergency spillway and say improving weather forecasts are helping keep the dam secure.
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mitt romney returns to battleground states after touring storm damage. the newly minted nominee has stops planned for ohio and florida today. romney visited new orleans yesterday. louisiana's republican governor bobby jindal invited him to tour the flood-ravaged state. romney met with storm victims and praised first responders for helping so many people stay safe. and president obama plans to tour new orleans on monday. today he heads to iowa. one of the many key battleground states this november. his campaign schedule also includes stops in colorado then ohio before coming back to our area. the president will travel to virginia tuesday where he'll speak at norfolk state university. now, aside from the hampton roads region, political experts believe northern virginia will be a driving force behind who carries the commonwealth in the general election. >> northern virginia, a key area for democrats, casts 28% of the vote statewide for the
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presidential race in the last three presideial elections. democrats have gone from breaking even up here to carrying it last time by 233,000 votes. republicans have to basically put the tourniquet on northern virginia. meanwhile, democrat, prepping for their convention set to begin tuesday. check this out. the dnc released this neat time lapse video of crewing working away on the stage in charlotte. and nbc 4 will bring you complete coverage of the national democratic convention. at the event in charlotte, with live reports starting tomorrow night on news 4 at 11:00. it's a new primetime for crime. the hours between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. now the university of maryland is launching a campaign to warn students and keep them from becomes targets. news 4's darcy spencer has more on the effort from college park. >> reporter: in college park, university of maryland students are back in class this week. filled with many of them hitting the bars and restaurants.
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>> do you have any questions about safety around campus? >> reporter: police want those students to it be aware whether drinking or stone cold sober, they could be assaulted or robbed as they make their way home after the bars close and the parties end. >> to educate students and other it's -- others to enjoy themselves lawfully. enjoy themselves responsibly and to remember that your night is not over until you're home safely. >> reporter: police are calling the high-risk hours primetime when you're most likely to be the victim of a crime, especially if you're by yourself. that's between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. >> our goal is just to continue to push to the students awareness. to be alert between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00, and we're going to push this message of primetime. again, i appreciate everyone's support and we want to get out here, hit the streets and just do it. >> reporter: police handed out fliers to students spreading the message, get home safe by playing it safe. don't walk alone.
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>> i feel like sometimes it is unsafe, but then again, if you just be smart about it and do the normal thing, walk with someone and don't go out too late at night, you should be fine. >> reporter: police will hand out the fliers and posting them in businesses leer throughout the weekend, and into the labor day holiday. in college park, darcy spencer, "news4 today." a popular maryland nightclub is locked up this morning after a rash of violence. club elite closed its doors yesterday less than 24 hours after man was shot in the back while danting. also an assault and stabs earlier in the month. licensing violation was a factor in the closure. metro isn't taking a break from track work for the long holiday weekend. you can expect delays on three of the system's five lines. red line trains will be single tracking between rhode island avenue and fort cotton. the orange line, trains will share a track between stadium armory and cheverly and the blue line, single tracking between
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arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. because of the holiday on monday, take note. service will not return to normal until tuesday morning. starting today, a simple trip to metro's website could save you money. if you register your card online a rebate on the card. registering also allows you to link 1345r9 trsmart trip to a d credit card. save a few dollars and the free dollars help you reach a new minimum balance that smart chip cards have to have. from now on you won't be able to enter the met fro system unless you have at least $1.20 on your card. the minimum is 35 cents for seniors and disabled. >> okay. the time right now is the 6:08. we are just getting started. many of you are up early this morning. maybe trying to make that last attempt at a summer getaway. you may hate getting stuck in traffic to get out of town, but find out why the gridlock is actually welcome news to some. and grab the grocery list
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this morning. we could help you cut the total at the register in half. this is pretty cool. stay tune for that. he's made his choice.
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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police installed a fence and are stepping up patrols near the site of of that deadly train derailment in the maryland. the fence and patrols are meant to discourage trespassing on the tracks where two 19-year-old college students were killed when a freight train fell off the tracks last week. the women were sitting on a railroad bridge when the accident happened, and this morning we are hearing what other people saw through 911 calls released by howard county. >> this is on main street the train fell off the tracks. >> is it on the road? >> no. it's just -- it derailed.
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>> yes. >> it came completely out. yeah. >> on the roadway? >> yeah. completely covering the road. >> a preliminary report from the national transportation safety board is expected to be out next week. police are asking you for help identifying a woman found dead in the woods. police released photos of the women's tattoos. she was found near a creek in the beltshill neighborhood park wednesday morning. investigators are treating the case as a homicide. anyone with information is asked to call crime solvers and 866-411-8477. prince george's county police are also looking for clues in the murder of a 17-year-old honors student. the kettering neighborhood of upper marlboro yesterday. last week a man burst into the bedroom of 17-year-old amber stanley and shot her. yesterday stanley's friends held a memorial service in landover.
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a busy intersection in crystal city is back open after a water main break shut it down nearly 12 hours. that gusher busted through the asphalt around 9:00 yesterday morning near south 12th street and long bridge drive. the water main flowing into a parking garage and the construction site for the new boeing headquarters. it also left one apartment complex and four office buildings without water. the cause of the break is still under investigation. so many of us have seen the show "extreme couponing." >> oh, my goodness. it's crazy. >> my vice. i love it. the guilty pleasure. clipping coupons is one way to save major money at the supermarkets. >> aun expert shopper says you need a strategy, though, and we're sharing her grocery store game plan, next. plus, how much will rain dampen your labor day weekend? chuck's got the forecast coming up next.
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okay. we want to talk holiday weekend weather. right? >> sure do. >> but we can't ignore there was a big pie in the sky. >> there sure was. a full moon outside last night and it was blue moon and there are two technical definitions for blue moon. the one we're most commonly used to now is the second full moon in any single calendar month. so we had a full moon yesterday. that was the send full moon here in the month of, what then was the month of august, but also the older definition of a blue moon, which is is the second full -- or the fourth full moon in any three-month season. either way it would have worked out yesterday, but sometimes a slight difference. most of us know it as a second full moon in a month and happens every twol years or so. labor day weekend. september is here. summer is in the rearview mirror
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at this point. 97 degrees yesterday. good riddance, summer 2012. a little too unuseably hot for an awful lot of us outside for much of the summer. september will start off on a cooler note. we will not be 97 degrees today, but we're probably going to be every bit of 90 or 92 in many spots. we're already 77 at the airport. dew points are high at 69 degrees. not much of a breeze yet. gradually today winds will be out of the north and northwest. mostly in the 70s this morning. there actually are a few rain drops well out to the west. one of the things you may be doing with your saturday, nationals and cardinals today. first pitch at 4:05 this afternoon. a mix of clouds and sunshine pap slight shower risk at the game today, but i don't think it will have a major impact on the game. just know there is a slight chance for showers. right now most of the rain drops are west of interstate 81 up into the mountains of west virginia and then down into parts of the central shenandoah
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valley as well, where the best rain chances will be. 81 and westbound. but some showers even though they're drying up and fading out as they come east of the mountains, some of us will have to face at least some rain chance for today. not going to be a washout today. there's the good news. today will probably be, for better or worse, the driest day of the weekend. again, with rain chances primarily to the west and to our southwest, but drops of concern indeed for your saturday. a risk of a few showers. the air at the surface will be fairly dry as dry air wedges down the front range of the mountains. some of those rain drops will live on through. stead yerp shower chances going late tonight into early sunday morning. i think we have to contend with showers quite likely by lunchtime or so tomorrow and once the rain gets in here, could be very hard to get rid of it. that's out ahead of what was isaac. tropical rain storm isaac will eventually soak us out. ooh, along about the time we get into monday, monday night and
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tuesday. so beachgoers, here's the way it looks. today, not too bad at the beaches. tomorrow, also more good than bad at the beach, but rain drop chances sneaking into the coastline by late sunday night and monday. today around town, a mix of sun and clouds. scattered showers, a possibility. don't turn your back on the rain chances. most of it will be west and south west of us today. highs upper 80s and low 90s. then tomorrow, cloudy, showers likely. there's your seven-day forecast. rain and a lot of it potentially monday night and tuesday. kind of showery into the middle of next week. back over to erica. >> thank you, chuck. right now, it may be the best time to leave for your final summer getaway. nearly 800,000 washingtonians are expected to be traveling this holiday weekend. about 87% of those people are traveling by car. some have left as early as thursday, but aaa says it's best to get an early start or wait until evening today to get on the road. even if you do hit some traffic, you can be comforted that there
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is a silver lining. >> the good news about this, though, is that travel is up, and this is the third holiday we've had this summer, you know, memorial day, july fourth, and now labor day, in which we're seeing increased traveling. we're projecting travel up about 3.5%. that really is a very, very positive statement on our local economy. it means that people really believe that it's safe to spend some money now on getaways. >> we want people to stay in town and watch our show. right, erica? >> right. avoid traffic on your way home. you may want to leave early monday or wait until tuesday to come back. make sure you prepare yourself for sticker shock at the gas pump during your holiday travels, though. gas prices have skyrocketed nationwide. in some places more than 10 cents this week. right now in d.c. the average for a gallon of regular is $3.96. paying $3.77 in maryland. virginia a cheap shot at $3.68
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and west virginia an average of $3.88. analysts expect prices to drop this fall as demand increases and oil production picks back up now that hurricane isaac is out of the gulf. all right. so everybody is looking to save a few dollars here and there, but what if you could cut your grocery bill in half? nbc's ben russell talks to a woman who calls herself the warren buffett of coupons. find out how to save money at the store. ♪ >> you always want to shop with what's on sale. >> my name is terry halt and i'm the ceo and founder of the grocery game dotcom. >> reporter: she got into the grocery game over a decade ago. her members-only website claims to save a family of four more than $500 a month. >> i decided, well, i could help other people not only save money but save a ton of time. it's really about time. >> reporter: savings start with sales. and you must have your game face on. the moment you walk into the store.
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>> here we walk into the door, and we see that these are the sale that's featured in this big display. that's two pounds of strawberrys for $3.88. i always say, shop the big picture. what's on sale. let's look over here. instead of buying the first thing we saw even though it was a gigantic display. here it is. this is half the price of that over there. it's in our sale circular. these are $1.50 each. now i've getting two pounds for $3. >> reporter: one of the grocery game strategies is stacking. >> save you money and time, by the way. >> reporter: stacking is when you select a sale item, one that store is also offering a coupon for and one for which you also have a manufacturers coupon. >> with the coupon and sale it's $1.99 each. so we wash or clothes for cheap. >> reporter: she can't stress enough the importance of having a plan and avoid buying only the items you have on the list. >> you just hit the nail on the head if you're saying you shop
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by need. you make a shopping list each week of what you're out of. now you're forced to pay full price for about eight of every ten things in your cart. you need to know what you're getting, how you're going to get it and on the right day. >> reporter: using these strategies can add up or more like subject. >> it's about the sale. there's the $46 sale. altogether, $55 savings. that's smart shopping. >> amazing. >> i know. that just takes time. >> cool. >> so many tools to help you with this. including this app i want to show you real quick. >> what you got there? >> basically do a locator where you are right now, or where you live, and it's loading up local stores. i found a local cvs down the road from where our station is. 16 pages of your daily ads -- can't get the pen out of mire hand. see right there's? these are all the coupons. if you perhaps forget -- >> you find whatever store is closest. >> any store. could be a pharmacy. prior toy much anything.
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if you forget to actually have the newspaper clipping, right there at a it up screen. >> i have the coupons. i just need to sit down and cut them up and -- >> or carry them around. makes it easy. >> all right. save some someone if you are looking for some mega deals on some of the hottest trends for the fall season, you -- it's just -- there's an event that's just a few days away. it's alled fashion's night out and the georgetown area will be packed with the latest threads, entertainment and lots of fun. almost every is for and restaurant takes part with djs, bands, giveaway, makeovers highlighting the night. 94.7 fresh events. kelly says it's about celebrating fashion and maybe snags a deal or two. >> reporter: built during the recession and meant to get people out just to enjoy the fashion and the art of fashion. >> they're careful to give deep discounts. that's not really what you're going to find. you'll find more of an exposure to fashion and festivities to enjoy the fashion this night.
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>> really is a party. fashion's night out is thursday september 6th. most stores in georgetown will be open from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m., plus you can enjoy festivities at the mall montgomery mall and old town alexandria. >> really like shopping. don't we? >> right. up next, two freak accidents at two separate celebrations. and talks of a mega merger that could land one of the largest companies in the airline industry. industry. you're wat
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes...
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where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i'm erica gonzalez in for richard. >> and i'm angie goff. it is saturday, september 1, 2012. kicking off a new month, everyone. so glad you could join us and can't complain about the weather. >> no. actually yelled i enjoyed also pool time. >> ooh. >> and it just was not stifling,
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which was nice. a little bit of a breeze. >> it was playsing but not stifles, because dew points were down in the 50s yesterday. even though we made 97 degrees for a high. >> really? >> oh, yes. a sizz ler for sure. >> there was a breeze. felt nice. >> and unfortunately that was probably the nicest weather we'll have for a while and clouds are starting to sneak back in and rain drops are not far away. at least one or two people hearing my voice now may actually have rain drops outside the window, especially for you folks west of i-81. 77 now in martiansbernsburmarti. on storm 4 radar, looks scarier than it is. a lot is evaporating before it gets to the ground. where you see the yellows and oranges a lot of those rain drops are making it and a couple rumbles of thunder towards harrisonburg and staten,
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virginia. inbound for folks in charlottesville where uva is playing the richmond spiders in college football later this afternoon. the day plan are foretoday. breaks of sunshine this morning but clouds gradually thicken. best chance for rain west and southwest of us. basically i-81 into the west. tomorrow, rain chances increasing for everybody. low 90s for most today. upper 80s tomorrow, and, yes indeed. can you believe it? it is time for college football forecast. yes, indeed. you need to help me. who's playing and -- >> exciting. >> who's playing when they're playing and where. nbc uni. like nbc universe, it's not just about me. >> also about the gamecocks. pulled out a win at w. tough win. >> hawk on. >> all right. a little bit of everything here. >> all right. thanks, chuck. right now, police in new jersey are investigating a tragic accident on a party bus.
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they say the bus had just crossed into new jersey from new york city when a 16-year-old tried to peek out an emergency hatch on the double-decker and his his head on the underside of an overpass. he died. he was headed to a sweet 16 party. for the second day in tarot a football fan died after a fall as a major sports stadium. the 20-year-old fell 35 feet on to another fan at the georgia dome last night. it happened during the tennessee/north carolina state game. the condition of the other fan is not known. it comes just a day after a 25-year-old fell five stories from an escalator at houston's reliant stadium at an nfl preseason game. and a church volunteer behind bars charged with sexual abuse. 23-year-old james west arrested yesterday. police say he was a youth group volunteer with king's travel church for several years charged
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with the sexual assault with a 14-year-old member of that group. police tell us the teen was assaulted twice in fairfax. the government is orders virginia tech to pay a $27,000 fine for the 2007 mass shooting on campus that killed 32 people. inpril a judge dismissed a large fine issued by the education department. the officials claims they violated federal law by waiting two hours to inform the campus that the shooter was loose on campus. by that time, the gunman had already opened fire. education secretary arne duncan reinstated half of the original fine. virginia tech can still appeal. police say the shooting at perry hall high school in baltimore monday could have been a lot worse. investigators say the 15-year-old suspect robert wayne gladden jr. was unable to access his stepfather's gun collection because it was locked in a safe. they say they used his father's shotgun instead. gladden has been charged as an adult with attempted murder.
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the victim, daniel bowery remains in critical condition. his family is overwhelmed with the support they received. even lady gaga is expected to send him a gift. a baltimore man is behind bars this morning accused of stealing a woman's car then breaking into her home. marie says she lost her keys while at maryland casino wednesday night. police say 50-year-old daniel miller found the keys, took her car and eventually drove to her house in edgewater. officers caught him walking out of her home with her laptop and jewelry. despite it being locked up, she's still on edge. >> never experienced it and so it's really been -- it's unsettling. i'm kind of walking around in circles. things i want to do, and i just am just -- very unsettled still. >> miller faces multiple charges, including burglary and resisting arrest. federal authorities dropped their case against a famous
6:36 am
arizona sheriff. authorities closed their investigation into mark cop mar sheriff joe arpaio. two county officials from 2009. authorities decided there wasn't enough evidence to bring a case against him. arpaio isn't completely off the hook, though. a federal judge has not yet ruled in a case accusing arpaio of racial profiling against hispanics in the area. despite having a hollywood heavyweight, the republican national convention was not a blockbuster event. the nielsen company says around 30 million people watched thursday night's coverage over 11 different networks. four years ago, john mccain's speech got more than 40 million viewers, and people, they are still talking about clint eastwood's unique speech thursday night at the republican national convention. >> tonight i'd ask you a simple question. if you felt that excitement when
6:37 am
you voted for barack obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he's president obama? >> okay. and obviously that was the wrong sound. we hope to get back to you later. romney, campaign aides say, the star's speech was largely enscripted. at the last minute he asked for a chair and everyone assumed that eastwood was going to sit in it. instead he spoke to an invisible president obama, a move that has turned into an internet sensation called eastwooding, and it involves pointing or talking to a chair or couch, as if someone is there. now, thousands of tweets have gone out mocking eastwood's infamous speech and we now have sound from that. >> -- himself. [ laughter ] >> and in more news, the stars are expected to come out in full force for the democratic national convention. that's next week. among the performers, foo
6:38 am
fighters, mary j. blige and earth, wind and fire. not bad. huh? marc anthony performs thursday night and james taylor performs on the final night of the convention when president obama will accept the democratic nomination. nbc 4 will bring you complete coverage of the convention. jim vance and tom sherwood at the event in charlotte. live reports starting tomorrow night on news 4 at 11:00. two major airlines are one step closer to a potential merger. american and u.s. airlines confirms they started talks of a merger. if they did combine they would rival united continental for the largest airline in the world. both sides quick to point out they are nowhere close to making a deal. apple is looking to control even more of the smartphone and tablet market. they've have had a federal court to block for mour san seung products because they intring on apple patents. that brings the total to 21
6:39 am
products samsung would have to take off the market. last week a jury awarded apple $a billion ordering samsung copied designs. coming up, the exhibit opening in a matter of hours after five years of planning and construction. >> i've been waiting for this one. and a reason to hold off on a late summer vacation. why waiting until fall could actually pay off. and let the tailgating begin. we'll run down some of today's bi
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the "today" show is next on nbc 4. let's find out what they are working on. >> jenna wolf joins us live from new york. happy sard. >> happy saturday to you. coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," the race for the white house heating up. mitt romney fresh off the trip to the flood zone in louisiana while president obama heads to the battleground state of iowa.
6:43 am
we are live on the campaign trail. then, caught on camera. shocking video of a 13-year-old being bullied in school not just by his classmates, but by his teacher as well. disturbing video. also, rumors flying today that the last of the original american idol judges randy jackson son his way out or perhaps headed for a new role on the show, and everyone's still buzzing this morning over clint eastwood's convention appearance. it's inspired a new term called eastwooding. we'll show you how that's become a hit online. all that and more when we see you a little bit later on today. angie and erica, i'm sure you've heard your share of jokes. back to you. >> i was going to say. speaking of eastwood, saw a nice video you just hosted, jenna, of your slightly absentee co-host. >> yeah. the first time in nine years. look at this. lester holt decided to oversleep this morning. so -- fortunately, he made it in on
6:44 am
time but a little weary eyed. >> it had to happen. >> had to happen, absolutely, at least once. >> we were going to vacate your chair. a little eastwooding of our own. thanks, jenna. >> enjoy. today a brand new exhibit opened at the zoo called american trails. the exhibit transports visitors to the pacific northwest where they can view seal, sea lions, pelicans, beavers otter, and two new gray wolves. many of the species rebounded after coming close to extinction. the 42 million dollar exhibit is located between the elephant trail and amazonia. and if you decided to skip a labor day weekend getaway in favor of a trip later this fall you may save yourself a lot of money. nbc's chris clackum takes a look at the deals you can find this fall. >> reporter: those of you planning for a late summer getaway later this month or next pat yourself on the back for being smart. after labor day travel has become the most pleasurable of
6:45 am
the pleasure travel season. >> this is the time when the temperatures are still nice. there are no crowds, and you're going to find great bargains and many destinations not just here in the united states but even in the caribbean and in europe. >> reporter: in london, for example, hotels are 60% cheaper than they were during the olympics. >> we've got all of this hotel buildup in london that is now empty. the crowds are gone. a lot of empty rooms and good deals. >> reporter: the prices at domestic destinations also drop dramatically after this weekend. >> places like colorado. the theme park destinations even some of the city destinations like chicago and d.c." >> reporter: even in hawaii, luxury hotels and resorts will be charging rates 40% lower than what they were just last week. airfares won't be dropping much before october, but the lower cost of everything else can offset that in places where there's still a month of summer
6:46 am
left. >> still have excellent weather in that first couple of weeks of september but the pricing is just so much better. >> reporter: experts say post-labor day travel may be more attractively priced this year due to the unstable economy. chris clackum, nbc news. all right. >> yeah. and of course, you know, time to wait, after labor day. a lot of times kids are back in school, and everybody really wanted our hot, dry finish to have -- hot, dry summer to have have -- hothis country was built by working people.
6:47 am
the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production.
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we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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if you're sticking around the area you want to enjoy the labor day weekend. might be best to squeeze it all into the first half. right? . when you see the sun shining you need to get outside and enjoy it as fast as you can and soak in every bit, because this is not going to be the driest of all labor day weekends, unfortunately. off to a dry start for most, but there are already rain drops
6:50 am
showing up on the radar not too far from where we are sitting here right here in the northwestern corner of d.c. cloudy morning. no rain just yet in town. a couple more dry hours off off and on i think most of saturday will be dry. a cloud issue to deal with outside this morning and it's mild. 77 now at national airport. dewar points back into the upper 60s and low 70s. so it feel it's a lot more humid than yesterday. that increase in humidity is responsible for our increasing rain chances as we go through the weekend. really warm this morning. mid and upper 70s to get your weekend started. if you're headed out to the baseball game today, about 90 degrees. at first pitch time. the nationals and cardinals, first pitch, 4:05. a slight risk at the game. i don't think a washout. it if you're going to the baseball game, everything will be fine. live radar, first thing this morning, raindrops bakaly along into the west of interstate 81.
6:51 am
even rumbles of thunder headed down to the southwest sides anden into the shenandoah valley. charlottesville, taking on the spiders this afternoon. rain drop chances there this morning. as a result, keeping a rain-chance forecast in the area today. not a washout. light rain showers near martinsburg and winchester as well. most dries up coming east of mountains. relatively dry air trying to wedge its way down the eastern seaboard. nonetheless, clouds for sure this morning and scattered showery through parts of your saturday, though plenty of dry hours to work with. that will begin to change. drops of concern for today will eventually lead to steadier showers by late tonight. here we are now by 7:00 tomorrow morning, so 24 hours from now, steadier showers trying to inch their way through and once the rain drops get going tomorrow that could really spell trouble as we get into monday and tuesday labor day itself as tropical moisture what was
6:52 am
isaac, the rain we're dealing with today and tomorrow, not isaac-related, but by monday and tuesday that tropical moisture starting to push on in. now, a lot of people making the trip over the bridge and down to the beach. nice day at the beaches for today and pretty good for tomorrow. rain drop chances move in sunday night and monday at the coast. for us, sun and clouds today. scattered showers mainly west and southwest of town, don't turn your back. another hot one, not as bad as yesterday. mostly cloudy showers likely at any point. doesn't mean it's going to rain all day tomorrow. remember it may happen at any given time. here's your seven-day forecast. call it a 30% chance of rain today. 50% tomorrow. 60% for receipt mains of isaac coming in here for monday and tuesday, and then rain chances sneak down a little by late next week. of course, the first saturday in september. that means it's college football time once again i need to know who you want to see the forecast
6:53 am
for. hoop playing when they're playing and where they're playing, send it to me. chuckbell, playing today, 13 hours, 7 minutes, 29 seconds. >> i got it on the cowboys. >> don't go there. >> all right, chuck. talk about lightning speed. up next the little boy setting world records at just 7 years old. you're watching "news4 today."
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time for sports. the nats continue to roll and more cuts to the roster before the season opener by the redskins. >> all the details in this morning's sports minute. good morning. your sports in a minute starts with your red hot washington nationals shutting down the st.
6:57 am
louis card-in-lainals for the s night in the a row. adam larouche's single, brought home the only two run. gonzalez goes the distance striking out eight for the shutout. nats win over the defending world champs. for its efforts, not just the ga gatorade but the shaving cream pie in the face. and at the right time, mark reynolds hitting .224 hitting get the yanks. baltimore two game bees hind new york in the american league east. the redskins trim their roster down and let go some notables. tim hightower played just five games before injury his knee, he will not be a part of the skins' backfield. and armstrong released as well. he caught five touchdowns in two seasons with washington. a good guy we hope catches on somewhere.
6:58 am
terrence austin, receiver let go. running back tristen davis, one of the notables not making the roster. li and erik cook, and safety jackson suspended indefinitely for violating league substance abuse policy. on a good note, white receiver and kick returner brandon banks does make the team. and that is your sports in a minute. everyone have a great saturday. >> thanks. the college football season is officially under way. plenty of teams in our area kicking off today. maybe plans on playing the fighting irish of notre dame, across the pond in ireland. pat collins i think is there. maryland plays william & march any college park. and taking on the richmond spiders and howard university plays morehouse college. a big one, folks, the second annual at&t nation's football classic. last year the bison edged the tigers 30-27.
6:59 am
a 7-year-old -- i'm up very early this morning. 27? a 7-year-old boy is taking the world by storm armed with just at few plastic cups. austin nabor holds the record for cup stacking. set up and stacked these nine cups in under two seconds. two. two. the second grader competed in the junior olympics this summer and was extremely nervous before eventually setting a new record. >> my heart was like, boom, boom, boom! and, like, it was like -- pounding down all the way to where my cups were. i get like that time, it makes me feel like -- who wants a free high five! >> this isn't the first time austin has been a superstar. he was on oprah when just 2 years old as part of the smartest and most talented kids at that
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